Making Catholic Education Accessible

St. 约瑟夫’s Prep, Gesu学校, and Howley Foundation
Partner to Make Private, Catholic Education More Accessible 

PHILADELPHIA -- The Howley Foundation is partnering with Gesu学校 and St. 约瑟夫’s Prep to create groundbreaking opportunities for continued access to Catholic education in North 费城. Gesu学校 and the Prep have shared the same Catholic, Jesuit mission over several decades, a mission that directly aligns with that of the Howley Foundation.

   The Howley Foundation has played an important role with both Gesu学校 and the Prep, funding scholarships for qualified students with financial need, ultimately to create social and economic mobility and improve lives. Lorie and Nick Howley, a 1970 graduate of St. 约瑟夫’s Prep, see this as their primary philanthropic interest. 耶稣学校圣. 约瑟夫’s Prep Howley Scholars Program will expand the opportunities for young men starting in 6th grade and furnish both financial and programmatic support that will provide a pathway to attending the Prep for high school. The partnership offers the potential for a life-changing seven-year commitment to supporting students’ education and represents the first of its kind in the schools’ longstanding history. 这1美元.2 million gift is in addition to the historic $5.5 million gift the Howley Foundation made to the Prep’s “永远为他人”运动. 

   耶稣学校圣. 约瑟夫’s Prep Howley Scholars Program was established this summer with selection of the first cohort of five young men by Gesu学校 administrators. The selection is based on academic performance, 对学业的投入, and involvement of their families. 在接下来的三年里, the young men will receive expanded academic offerings, including participating in a specially-designed test prep program and involvement in St. 约瑟夫’s Prep summer programs. 除了, they will be mentored by a Prep freshman student who is also a Howley Scholar, and will be invited to attend Prep community events. If, as expected, a Gesu Howley Scholar gains admittance to St. 约瑟夫’s Prep for high school, he will automatically receive enrollment in the school’s pre-9th summer academic program to help set the stage for success at the Prep and will join the other Howley Scholars for mentoring and other benefits that the Howley Foundation provides, including significant financial assistance. 

   耶稣学校和圣. 约瑟夫’s Prep are both committed to high-quality, Catholic education and have been partners in our North 费城 neighborhood for more than a century,” St. 约瑟夫’s Prep President John Marinacci and Gesu学校 President and CEO Bryan Carter said in a joint statement. “We are grateful to have the Howley Foundation included in this partnership. The Howley’s belief that education is the way to transform the lives of young people and, 反过来, 世界, aligns perfectly with our missions as well. We are excited to see the fruits of this partnership as the Gesu学校 students continue to have access to outstanding, holistic Jesuit education—from rigorous academics to character development and 信仰 formation. We are confident that this innovative educational collaboration will impact the trajectory of students’ lives and empower them to develop their strengths, 克服挑战, and become engaged members of the community.” 


About The Howley Foundation — The Howley Foundation’s mission is to provide high quality, educational opportunities to economically disadvantaged students as an integral part of addressing issues of equality and promoting upward social and economic mobility. 近20年来, the foundation has provided high quality educational opportunities to inner city students in Cleveland, 费城, 以及其他领域. 

Gesu学校, 费城’s first independent Catholic elementary school, is recognized as a national model for inner-city education. Inspired by the Jesuit and IHM traditions of social justice, 信仰, 创造性的希望, 和爱, Gesu学校 helps students to transcend all forms of poverty by providing a comprehensive, innovative education for children in grades Pre-K through 8. We empower our students to develop their strengths, 克服挑战, 变得积极, engaged members of the community and 世界. For more information, visit 

St. 约瑟夫预备学校, 费城 Jesuit High School since 1851, 是天主教徒, 城市, college preparatory school for boys. In the tradition of the Jesuit priests who founded the school, the Prep’s mission is to develop the minds, 心, souls and characters of young men in their pursuit of becoming Men for and with Others. The Prep is also proud to be a part of a vibrant North 费城 neighborhood community. 有关更多信息,请访问